Home Restaurant in Venice: Our Cuisine

Everything is Home-made with Passion and with the Highest Quality Ingredients!


Cooking is a passion at the Vecio Fritolin.
  • A love of fresh, raw ingredients;
  • The careful selection of every ingredient;
  • Fresh and seasonal produce
All this is behind the creation of every dish served on our menu. At the Vecio Fritolin, you will find only the highest quality produce, chosen each morning at the Mercato di Rialto. The Vecio Fritolin adheres to a philosophy of guaranteeing the use of high quality raw ingredients, which are essential to the creation of every one of our culinary delights.

Our menu, compiled in our kitchens with patience, professionalism and curiosity, is a perfect balance between seasonal tradition and innovation. At the Vecio Fritolin, we alternate between winter, spring, summer and autumn menus, not forgetting the special festive creations we serve at times such as Christmas or the Venice Carnival.


The Vecio Fritolin’s philosophy is to guarantee the use of the highest quality fresh raw ingredients.

The quality of the produce we use is essential to the creation of dishes of gastronomic excellence.

The selection of produce and the purchase of every single ingredient (from meat to fish, vegetables, flours) is undertaken with the aim of guaranteeing the success of every dish, and of meeting the expectations of even the most expert and demanding palates.

Every morning, Irina selects seasonal produce from the vegetable, meat and fish stalls and the nearby Mercato di Rialto.

On the Vecio Fritolin menu, you will find freshly-caught fish encased in our light, crispy batters, and moeche and mesanete, typical local shellfish from the Lido, only served in October and November, in respect of the seasons of traditional Venetian cuisine.


Everything is home-made at the Vecio Fritolin

Our pasta, bread, breadsticks, puddings and ice creams are all home-made in our restaurant kitchens.

Our home-made bread is naturally leavened (using mother yeast) with stone ground flour. Our fresh pasta is made daily. We do not use frozen produce.

The cuisine of the Vecio Fritolin is famous all over the world for its combination of natural goodness and the best Venetian culinary traditions, revisited with imaginative creativity.

Journalist Nicholas Lander, in his review of the Vecio Fritolin in the Financial Times’ Food & Drink section, declared it to be “a ritual on every visit” to Venice.

And, recently, the very famous Nigella Lawson, after two dinners at the Vecio Fritolin, showed just how much she had enjoyed them by publishing two photo albums of the restaurant on Twitter, along with several tweets that have travelled around the world.