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Irina Freguia

Irina Freguia: a Life Dedicated to Restauranteering

Irina Freguia is the owner of the Vecio Fritolin. She has invested all her love of restauranteering and of her home city in her historic restaurant in the centre of Venice. When you set foot through the door at the Vecio Fritolin, you cannot help but be overwhelmed by the energy and charisma of the ‘lady of the house’, Irina Freguia, a woman who loves good cooking and who has contributed to making Venetian cuisine known throughout the world. A welcoming smile and perfect manners are the first ingredients you will taste within the characteristic locale of the Vecio Fritolin, in the centre of the Rialto.

We do what we love, because it’s only in loving what we do that we give the best of ourselves

Irina Freguia

“We do what we love, because it’s only in loving what we do that we will give the best of ourselves”. This is the secret of Irina Freguia’s Vecio Fritolin. This is the story a woman who did all sorts of things before arriving at the Vecio Fritolin, where she concentrates all her efforts in the thing she loves before all else in the world: the relationship between her customers and the great food she serves in a historical and characteristic locale in the centre of Venice.

Irina Freguia believes that the most important thing in life is never to stop searching for new ideas. From Irina’s point of view, culinary experience is not found in faithfully ‘following a recipe’, but in knowing how to interpret that recipe and how to enhance it without losing its essence. “Being open to new ideas whilst still keeping our feet on the ground and remembering who we are and where we come from!” The true spirit of the Vecio Fritolin lies in an openness towards an ever-changing world and towards customers who love to learn about new and original flavours and food combinations. We are always coming up with new menus and dishes, respectful of the seasonal nature of the produce and the high quality of fresh raw ingredients.

“A real team is one in which there is both complicity and harmony on all levels.” A further strength of the Vecio Fritolin and Irina Freguia is her supremely professional staff. Knowing how to satisfy a customer in a professional and courteous manner, and, above all, carrying out their work in harmony with one another, are the elements that complete the welcoming atmosphere found at the Vecio Fritolin, as well as at all the outside catering events organised by Irina Freguia.

“The Vecio Fritolin fully represents my idea of running a restaurant.” For more than twelve years, Irina Freguia has revived this historic locale in the centre of Rialto in Venice, creating a must-do venue for all visitors to Venice, whilst still maintaining the close ties the restaurant holds with Venetian traditions.

Irina Freguia and the Vecio Fritolin offer a traditional locale with antique furnishings, as well as a place where the best avant garde cuisine meets traditional and typical dishes. “We go to the Mercato di Rialto every morning and we select the freshest fish and vegetables. Our pasta, bread and puddings are all home-made, because we believe that the best cooking comes from using the highest quality fresh raw ingredients.”

Irina Freguia, with her cheerfulness and simplicity, looks forward to greeting you!

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