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The Vecio Fritolin is one of the oldest restaurants in Venice. The walls of the Vecio Fritolin are part of a story dating back to around 1700. The name of the restaurant refers to the “Fritolin”, a traditional Venetian “scartosso di pesse fritto” (paper cone of fried fish), which was served hot to fishermen on their return from trips out to sea.

The Vecio Fritolin still serves on its menu today the famous paper-wrapped fish, popular with tourists and visitors. When in season, the Fritolin also serves the local specialities, moeche and mesanete, soft shelled crabs and shellfish unique to the Venice Laguna, which are found predominantly in the Burano, Giudecca and Chioggia areas. The Vecio Fritolin’s fried moeche (little soft shelled crabs) are simply unmissable, a dish that has become a world famous house speciality. Today the use of traditional Venetian food has been both revived and revisited in this new era for the Vecio Fritolin, making it one of the most popular restaurants in Venice.

Many journalists, food critics and true Italian and international food experts have chosen to tell the story of the Vecio Fritolin.

At the Vecio Fritolin, the quality of raw ingredients is fundamental and only the freshest produce will do: vegetables, meat and fish are chosen by the owner and by the chef at the Mercato di Rialto, and the bread, pasta and pastry are all home made. The resulting dishes combine tradition with creativity, bringing out flavours that win over even the most discriminating palates.

If you would like to know more about the Vecio Fritolin or Irina Freguia, you can download the information below and immerse yourself in this wonderful story of sublime flavours.