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Events Held in Venice

Events Organised in Venice by the Vecio Fritolin

The Vecio Fritolin specialises in banquets and events. Over the years, the good taste and intuitive character of Irina Freguia and the professionalism of her staff have won over the most famous names in the most prestigious locations. Names such as Pierre Cardin and the Querini Stampalia Foundation have chosen the Vecio Fritolin for events hosted in the rooms of the Grassi Palace or at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

People have been wowed by the originality of events organised by the Vecio Fritolin in Venice, and also by the way the true spirit of every event is perfectly captured and conveyed through the décor and the food and drink. Every event organised in these amazing locations has been highly praised for its authenticity. The success of Irina Freguia and her staff at the Vecio Fritolin in organising Venice events is recognized all over the world! Over time, the Vecio Fritolin has gained long-standing experience in planning and creating unforgettable and spectacular events which have won over organisers and guests alike. Irina Freguia makes use of her network of experts, who determine the details of the whole event with guaranteed results, in terms of both décor and catering. Because of this, many big international names have chosen, and continue to choose, to work with the Vecio Fritolin. If you would like the help of Irina Freguia and her staff at the Vecio Fritolin, contact us now to organise your event!

A few images remembering just some of the events organised in Venice by the Vecio Fritolin, in collaboration with some big international names.