The Vecio Fritolin. History, Passion and Creativity.

Our ties with local traditions start with the historical name of our restaurant: the name ‘Vecio Fritolin’ originates from the ‘fritolini’, traditional food stands dating back to the 1700s, which sold freshly fried fish.
The mission of the Vecio Fritolin of today is to provide guests with the best traditional Venetian cuisine, revisited with light-hearted creativity, serving up new and exciting interpretations of Venetian culinary traditions.
We are happy to let you decide on the quality of our food!

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–> Irina Irina Freguia

What’s been said about us:

Right next to the Mercato di Rialto, a restaurant which combines tradition and creativity.

Flavio Birri, NYC.it

If you order eggs at ‪Vecio Fritolin‬, you’re in for a big surprise. And a very pleasant one, I hasten to add.

Richard Ehrlich, The Guild Of Food Writers

The two halves of the Vecio Fritolin


Situated in a historic Venetian locale, which opened around 1700. An unique style, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, serving really good traditional and distinctive food that wows the customers. Far from the usual tourist routes, in the heart of the ‘real Venice’, guests at the Vecio Fritolin don’t just happen to be passing, but instead make us their venue of choice.


Important occasions, such as gala evenings, conventions and private parties can all benefit from our internationally renowned catering services. Vast organisational experience and impeccable service ensure the very best solutions to meet your requirements, be it a company or personal event.

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